Article 370 Movie OTT Release Date – Netflix or Amazon Prime?

The upcoming Hindi movie “Article 370” is set to release in theaters across India on February 23, 2024. However, there has been a lot of curiosity among fans regarding the article 370 movie ott release date and which platform it will be available for streaming on. In this detailed guide, we explore all the information available so far about Article 370’s OTT release plans and whether it will come to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or other streaming services.

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Article 370 is a highly anticipated political drama film directed by Farooq Khan. It depicts the abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution which had granted special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The movie features an ensemble cast including Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin Shah, Mithun Chakraborty, and Pallavi Joshi in pivotal roles.

Ever since the riveting trailer of Article 370 dropped, fans have been eager to know where they can catch the movie online once it finishes its theatrical run. The film is expected to spark dialogue and debate around the politically sensitive subject. Hence, its streaming fate on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc. is of much interest.

Will Article 370 Release on Netflix?

As of now, the makers of the film have not announced any partnership with Netflix for the film’s digital streaming rights. Article 370 does not yet have a slated release date for Netflix nor is it guaranteed to arrive on the world’s most popular streaming entertainment service.

Unless the producers ink a licensing deal down the line, fans may have to look to other OTT options besides Netflix to stream Article 370 after its theatrical window expires. There is still a chance Netflix could obtain the digital rights later on but that has not been confirmed yet by any official sources.

Is Article 370 Releasing on Amazon Prime?

Like with Netflix, Article 370 makers have not yet revealed if Amazon Prime Video will be streaming the movie for subscribers on release. The film’s availability on Amazon Prime’s platform is still unverified as of now.

Prime Video does showcase some politically controversial titles and works frequently with Indian production houses. But as things stand currently, Article 370 is not premiering on Amazon Prime as per all available information.

Unless Amazon commissions it themselves or acquires the license to host Article 370 down the line, an OTT release on Prime Video seems unlikely given the lack of any announcements. Fans may need to explore other streaming options to catch the film online in the coming months after its big screen release.

What other OTT Platforms Could Stream Article 370?

While Netflix and Amazon Prime availability remains in doubt, there are a handful of other OTT platforms that could vie for Article 370’s digital streaming rights.

These include:

OTT PlatformPossibilityReason
ZEE5HighZEE5 has acquired streaming rights for politically hard-hitting films before like ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’. They also have a partnership with Article 370’s production company.
Sony LIVModerateSony LIV has showcased some political titles in its portfolio before although its chances seem lower compared to a platform like ZEE5.
VootLowArticle 370’s subject matter may not align with Voot’s general entertainment focus.
ALT BalajiNilALT Balaji is geared more towards original web series and youth-centric Hindi entertainment content.

Table: Other OTT Platform Contenders for Article 370 Streaming Rights

As per the info in the table above, ZEE5 seems like the frontrunner OTT platform where Article 370 could likely premiere the soonest after wrapping up its theatrical run.

ZEE5 already broadcasts many politically-charged titles and award-winning movies on its platform for subscribers. The makers of Article 370 are also partnered with ZEE Studios for production and distribution. Hence, ZEE5 could be an ideal candidate for bagging the film’s digital streaming rights once released.

However SonyLIV or even newer OTT players in the market also have an outside chance of emerging as the streaming partner. The official announcement is still awaited.

Conclusion: Expected Article 370 OTT Release Date

To summarize, as of February 2024, there is no concrete update about Article 370’s OTT release from the creators. The film is gearing up for a grand box office release on 23rd February 2024 in cinemas first and foremost.

Most Indian movies arrive on streaming platforms 4-8 weeks after their theatrical premiere nowadays. Going by typical timelines, Article 370 could then see an OTT release anywhere between April to May 2024 depending on how long its cinematic run lasts.

While the exact OTT platform is not confirmed yet, ZEE5 does appear the most probable choice to stream Article 370 within the first few months of its big-screen launch. Other services like Netflix, SonyLIV or even Amazon Prime Video also have an outside chance if they acquire licenses later on.

Die-hard fans of the film and its powerhouse star cast will hopefully not have to wait too long post its theatrical launch to enjoy Article 370 from the comfort of their screens. Stick with us for more updates!

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