Based on a True Story Gets Renewed for Season 2 After Cliffhanger Finale

Peacock has given the green light to Based on a True Story season 2 just a month after the release of the first season in October 2023. The renewal comes on the heels of the cliffhanger finale that left fans wondering about the fates of the lead characters Ava and Nathan Bartlett.

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Release Date Still Uncertain

While Peacock was quick to renew the unique true crime dramedy for a second season, an actual release date remains uncertain at this time. Given that filming has yet to begin due to ongoing industry strikes, season 2 likely won’t premiere until late 2024 or even 2025.

The first season dropped all at once on Peacock, following the popular binge model. Fans can likely expect the same full-season release for the second season as well.

Main Cast Expected to Return

Even though plot details remain sparse for season 2, the main cast is expected to reprise their roles.

This includes:

  • Kaley Cuoco as Ava Bartlett
  • Chris Messina as Nathan Bartlett
  • Tom Bateman as Matt Pierce

Cuoco and Messina have received strong praise from critics for their lead performances as the married couple who start a true crime podcast with a serial killer. Their complicated chemistry and ability to blend comedy and drama will surely continue to anchor the show in season 2.

Bateman has also been a standout as the charming killer who becomes an unlikely part of the Bartletts’ lives. His role seems integral to the central premise, so his return looks to be guaranteed.

Other Cast Members Likely to Come Back

In addition to the main three stars:

  • Priscilla Quintana is expected to return as Ruby Gale
  • Annabelle Dexter-Jones as Serena
  • Liana Liberato as Tory

These supporting characters help round out the weird world of “Based on a True Story.” The confirmed return of these cast members has not been announced yet but seems very plausible for season 2.

Of course, there is always a possibility for new cast members to join a sophomore season as well to freshen things up. But the core maintained through the first cliffhanger-filled season will likely stay intact.

Season 2 Plot Details Scarce

Considering filming hasn’t started yet, plot details for season 2 remain scarce. The ending of season 1 featured a major cliffhanger with [plot point redacted to avoid spoilers]. So the story will likely pick up right where it left off.

Showrunner Craig Rosenberg continues to keep upcoming plot details under wraps. But based on how secrets and twists unfolded through season 1, fans can expect more unexpected turns in season 2.

The show’s central conceit following a married couple who start a true crime podcast with a serial killer lends itself to inherently unpredictable storytelling. More shocking revelations related to Matt Pierce seem inevitable, as well as ups and downs in Ava and Nathan’s relationship.

Dark Comedy Will Continue

Another aspect of the show that won’t change is its unique tone. Despite the grim true crime subject matter, “Based on a True Story” delivers its story with moments of levity and humor. This dark comedy approach helped the show stand out in the crowded true crime genre.

Rosenberg discovered a sweet spot blending crime and comedy through flawed characters who take an unlikely journey. So season 2 can be expected to continue riding that fine line between unsettling drama and quirky humor.

Table of Main Characters

Ava BartlettPregnant real estate agent and true crime fanatic who starts a popular podcast
Nathan BartlettAva’s husband and former professional tennis player world #1
Matt PierceCharming plumber who befriends Nathan and Ava despite being a convicted serial killer
Ruby GaleOld friend of Ava obsessed with true crime and murder cases

Filming Contingent on SAG Strike Resolution

While the renewal was welcome news for fans eager to see the next chapter, production concerns loom large over “Based on a True Story” season 2. The ongoing industry strikes led by SAG-AFTRA have put a halt on filming for now.

Until the strikes are resolved and new agreements are reached, cameras cannot start rolling on the next batch of “Based on a True Story” episodes. This no doubt will delay the potential 2024 premiere that would typically be expected for a fresh season of a Peacock original.

The network likely renewed the buzzworthy show early, despite uncertain timelines, to assure fans more is on the way. But the actual release date will remain up in the air in the short term depending on when strikes end.

The Wait for Season 2 Will Be Worth It

While the delays related to the strikes are an understandable frustration, the wait for more “Based on a True Story” will undoubtedly be worth it in the end. Showrunner Rosenberg conceived a wholly unique and unpredictable show that defies genre conventions.

The first season ended leaving fans with countless pressing questions about the fates of characters who grew more complex as mysteries deepened. Now with the renewal confirmed, the foundation is set for the next phase in the Bartletts’ offbeat, murder-centric partnership.

Whenever season 2 drops, likely later than originally hoped for, devotees of the show can expect Rosenberg and company to deliver more strange tales that subvert expectations. The strikes merely postpone, not jeopardize, the next set of characters’ journeys down unpredictable paths blending fact, fiction…and comedy.

So while craving the answers season 1 refused to provide remains a struggle in the interim, take solace that more left turns and revelations are definitely on the way in “Based on a True Story” season 2.

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