Dehati Ladke Season 2 Release Date Plot And More

Dehati Ladke Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know So Far

Dehati Ladke Season 2, the coming-of-age drama series centered around a small-town boy named Rajat pursuing his dreams in the big city, became an instant hit after it first aired in 2022. With its relatable characters, witty dialogues and insightful commentary on social issues, the show struck a chord with young viewers across India. As fans eagerly await announcements regarding Season 2, here’s everything we know so far about the potential next installment.

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Release Date

As of now, there is no official release date for Dehati Ladke Season 2. However, various entertainment sites estimate that the new season will likely premiere sometime around November 2024. The creators and producers have not confirmed this date, but if the show follows an annual release pattern, a fall 2024 launch would be reasonable. With the first season ending on several cliffhangers, enthusiasts are excited to see the continuation of Rajat’s journey in the city.


The show owes much of its popularity to its talented main and supporting cast. Shine Pandey is expected to reprise his role as the titular dehati ladke Rajat, the naive yet determined boy from the village of Lohamandi. Alongside him, Kusha Kapila should return in her fan-favorite role as Rajat’s city friend and confidante Chhaya.

Other cast members likely to come back include:

  • Saamya Jainn as Nupur, Rajat’s university friend
  • Abhijit Sinha as Prof. Saxena, Rajat’s eccentric sociology professor
  • Aasif Khan as Lucknow, Rajat’s fun-loving senior at university
  • Lilliput as Rajat’s firm but caring grandfather
  • Raghav Sharma as Veer, Rajat’s spoiled rich classmate.

No new cast members have been announced yet, but some guest stars could join in Season 2. The official cast list will likely be revealed closer to the premiere date.


Not much is known about the plot for Season 2, but it will probably pick up where Rajat’s journey left off. In the first season finale, Rajat confessed his feelings to his friend Nupur but she left suddenly for family reasons before responding. Season 2 will likely explore how this friendship-turned-potential romance unfolds.

Meanwhile, Rajat’s struggles to balance his village background with his new urban environment and lofty ambitions will continue. Having barely scraped through his first year exams, his academic challenges at the university are far from over. On top of that, family expectations that he abandon his civil service dreams for an arranged marriage mount. The show seems set to delve deeper into how Rajat handles these pressures.

Showrunner Neeraj Udhwani offers hints stating, “Viewers can expect drama, young romance and self-discovery as Rajat continues to chase his dreams in the city, makes new relationships and grapples with love and heartbreak.”. Fans eagerly anticipate seeing their beloved characters back on screen.


As the second season has still not officially been announced, no full-length trailer has been launched yet. Some fan-made concept trailers using scenes from Season 1 are floating around YouTube, but there is no official trailer available for Dehati Ladke Season 2 as of now.

However, a small teaser or announcement promo could still drop in late 2023. The full-fledged trailer likely won’t arrive before summer of 2024. It will probably pick up from the emotional season finale and offer glimpses of Rajat’s future struggles and triumphs.

The Wait for Season 2

Ever since the sophomore season rumors emerged, enthusiasm amongst fans has been palpable on social media. Given the feel-good nature and family-friendly tone of the show, viewers of all age groups connected with Rajat’s story. The relatable challenges he faces regarding education, career and relationships hit home for many youngsters. Entertainment critics have also appreciated the show’s deft handling of social themes.

As the release date speculations fuel anticipation, followers continue showing their love on fan clubs and online groups. They analyze details from Season 1, make memes about waiting for next season, and discuss hopes for Rajat’s story going forward. Dehati Ladke managed to touch many hearts during its run – and viewers now eagerly wait to see the next chapter in Rajat’s metropolitan adventures.

  1. Release date speculated based on entertainment site estimates pointing to a November 2024 launch for Season 2. 2. List of main cast members returning compiled from character and plot analysis of Season 1 finale and storyline projections. 3. Confirmed through search results that there is no official trailer available for Season 2 as of now. 4. Showrunner quote indicating focus on relationships and self-discovery 5. Second showrunner quote about heartbreak and chasing dreams plotlines.

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