Does Good Omens Season 3 Renewed On Prime Video?

Good Omens Season 3 Renewed On Prime Video, Good Omens fans rejoice! On December 14, 2023, Amazon Prime Video announced that the fan-favorite fantasy dramedy has been renewed for a highly anticipated third and final season. This news comes two and a half years after the launch of the second season in May 2021.

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Background on Good Omens

For the uninitiated, Good Omens is based on the popular 1990 novel of the same name written by beloved fantasy authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. The series tells the story of the demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale, an unlikely duo who form a friendship spanning 6,000 years in an effort to prevent the coming of the Antichrist and ultimate biblical Armageddon.

In 2019, the first season adaption premiered as an Amazon Prime original series to widespread critical acclaim. The chemistry between leads David Tennant (Crowley) and Michael Sheen (Aziraphale) in particular was hailed as a major highlight. After over 30 years in development hell, the franchise finally received a successful on-screen portrayal thanks to showrunner Neil Gaiman himself.

Behind the Scenes of Season 3

Gaiman will return as showrunner, writer, and executive producer for the third season along with director and executive producer Douglas Mackinnon. Other executive producers include Rob Wilkins, John Finnemore, and head of comedy at Amazon Studios, Victoria Davis. Celtic Myth Media will produce in association with Narrativia and The Blank Corporation.

Production is set to begin soon in Scotland, though no exact start date has been confirmed yet. In an official statement, Gaiman said “I am so happy to be back here on the streets of Soho, watching, every day, the glorious performances of Michael Sheen and David Tennant. The fans kept asking for more, and now we get to make more.”

What to Expect from the Final Season

Plot details are being kept tightly under wraps for now. Gaiman has remained characteristically vague yet intriguing when dropping hints about season 3 in various interviews over the years. Back in June 2021, he tweeted “When I agreed with Robbie (Rob Wilkins) that we should do it again, it was on one condition: that we could properly end it.”

So while another looming Armageddon is undoubtedly on the horizon, fans can likely expect a definitive conclusion to Crowley and Aziraphale’s 6,000 year journey this time around. Perhaps even with an optimistic glimpse into the angel and demon’s future beyond the averted apocalypse.

Familiar Faces

The entire core cast is set to return for the third season:

  • David Tennant as Crowley
  • Michael Sheen as Aziraphale
  • Jon Hamm as the Archangel Gabriel
  • Maggie Service as Maggie
  • Nina Sosanya as Nina
  • Doon Mackichan as the Archangel Michael
  • Derek Jacobi as the voice of God
  • Miranda Richardson as Madame Tracey
  • Brian Cox as the voice of Death
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Satan
  • Frances McDormand as the voice of God

New Adventures

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gaiman hinted that “Crowley’s Bentley will have its own story line.” Could Crowley’s prized 1926 classic car play a pivotal role in thwarting the end times? Fans will have to wait and see.

Location filming around Scotland and England is also expected, possibly expanding the quirky paranormal universe that Crowley and Aziraphale inhabit. “We have lovely stuff planned. We have so many characters people love,” Gaiman teased.


CrowleyDavid Tennant
AziraphaleMichael Sheen
GabrielJon Hamm
MaggieMaggie Service


The Future of Good Omens

While news of the third season renewal sparked celebration among fans, the announcement also carried bittersweet weight knowing this will be the conclusion. However, Neil Gaiman has expressed interest in potential future Good Omens spin-offs centering on other characters in the universe.

Names floated include the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, angels Gabriel and Beelzebub, witch-finder Shadwell and psychic medium Tracey, or even Crowley and Aziraphale’s misadventures through human history. With such a rich world dreamed up by Gaiman and Pratchett, the possibilities seem endless should Amazon opt to continue expanding the franchise.

For now fans eagerly await the long-running ineffable duo’s final adventures protecting humanity from destruction. Production may still be in early stages, but at least the countdown for new episodes can officially begin.

While no potential release timeframe has been hinted at yet, late 2024 or 2025 seems the most realistic target based on the production schedule of previous seasons. One thing is certain though – the forces of Heaven and Hell will ensure Crowley and Aziraphale go out with a bang!


The confirmation of Good Omens season 3 by Amazon Prime Video means the fan-favorite series will receive the definitive conclusion it deserves. Showrunner Neil Gaiman promises high stakes as our beloved angel and demon duo face down the end times one last time, along with hope for their future beyond.

With filming set to commence soon in Scotland and the full cast returning, the stage is set for an epic and emotional send-off after over 30 years of development. While the third season marks the end of Good Omens’ main storyline, the potential for future spin-offs gives fans a ray of hope that this may not be the last we see of Crowley’s Bentley crossing paths with Aziraphale’s bookshop.

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