DUNKI And SAALAR Review: Sumit Kadel Share Reviews On Twitter

Sumit Kadel’s Thoughts on Highly Anticipated Films “Dunki” and “Salaar”

Bollywood film critic and trade analyst Sumit Kadel recently shared his views on two of the most eagerly awaited films in Indian cinema – “Dunki” and “Salaar.” Both big-budget productions starring popular lead actors, expectations are sky-high for their box office performances. Let’s examine Kadel’s commentary in depth across various social media platforms.


Sumit Kadel is an influential voice in the world of Indian entertainment. With over 700K Twitter followers and a YouTube channel boasting 276K subscribers, his opinions carry significant weight among fans and industry insiders alike. When Kadel sits down to craft his hot takes, people pay attention.

His latest targets? Two monsters on the 2023 film calendar – “Dunki,” headlined by Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, and Telugu smash “Salaar,” introducing pan-India sensation Prabhas to the visionary direction of Prashanth Neel. Kadel made waves recently by sharing his views on the first halves of both pictures. Let’s break down his commentary and see how it could impact perceptions moving forward.

Kadel Praises First Half of “Dunki,” Awaits Second

Regarded as one of Shah Rukh Khan’s most crucial releases in years, hopes and expectations for “Dunki” are astronomical. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, one of India’s most successful commercial filmmakers, the movie promises Khan in a new light – a comedy with a message regarding the immigrant experience.

Sumit Kadel took to Twitter shortly after viewing early footage, delivering a glowing assessment:

“Watched 30 mins footage of #Dunki. The first half is so far BRILLIANT, screenplay is damn good, supporting cast @taapsee & @vickykaushal09 are damn good especially vicky what a show stealer he is.If 2nd half is equally good then there is no stopping for this one.”

He followed up this tweet with a video blog on his YouTube channel, further elaborating on his impressions:

“Just finished watching 30 minutes, very very gripping narrative style adapted by Raju Hirani in Dunki’s first half. Very clap worthy, very nice and a brilliant first half I would say.”

Clearly Kadel came away extremely impressed by what he saw of the first half. Between the tight screenplay, charismatic performances from Shah Rukh and supporting players like Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal, and Rajkumar Hirani’s skilled direction, he believes the table has been set for a monster success.

However, Kadel did inject one important note of caution – the second half remains an uncertainty. If it maintains the high quality set by the first portion, Kadel sees no obstacle to “Dunki” dominating the box office. But should it falter, the film may struggle to fulfill lofty predictions.

Kadel Hails “Salaar’s” Second Half as Game Changer

Where opinions on “Dunki” remain partially incomplete, awaiting the crucial second half, Sumit Kadel passed full judgment on Prabhas’ next big vehicle, the action saga “Salaar.” His assessment – Prashanth Neel has delivered another winning formula guaranteed to thrill the masses.

“Watched #Salaar in a special screening today, Prabhas in ultra mass elements but in classy way, he deserves all the craze & anticipation from masses for this film.Action blocks are feast for his die hard fans.But real game starts in 2nd half when twists in screenplay unfolds.” [[3]][3]

Breaking down this tweet, Kadel labelled the first half as merely decent, focused on establishing Prabhas in full mass hero mode. But he insists the second half is where “Salaar” finds its stride. As plot twists build intrigue and the protagonist reveals hidden depths, audiences are set to come unglued.

In a follow-up video blog, Kadel elaborated:

“First half is decent and second half is good in Salaar. Predictable but interesting screenplay with racy narration.”

While not a perfect picture, Kadel believes “Salaar” has all the ingredients to become a smash hit – a compelling lead performance from one of India’s biggest stars, propulsive action choreography, and most importantly, a second half that goes big on drama and masala. Under director Prashanth Neel, who helmed the Kannada blockbuster “KGF” series, “Salaar” seems ready to storm the box office.

Prabhas Delivers Visually Stunning Act in “Salaar,” Says Kadel

No film’s success rides more squarely on the lead actor’s shoulders than a mass action spectacle like “Salaar.” According to Sumit Kadel, the movie’s towering hero Prabhas has more than lived up to the challenge with a larger-than-life star turn.

Offering his final verdict on Prabhas’ performance, Kadel tweeted:

**”Prabhas is looking like a visual spectacle in #Salaar, he put up lot efforts for his role which is quite visible in his chiseled physique. He deserves all the attention coming towards #Salaar” **

He doubled down on this sentiment in a YouTube video:

“Prabhas really worked very hard on his body. He is looking very good, very chiseled. Action blocks are the highlight.”

Clearly Kadel believes that on top of nailing the acting demands, Prabhas’ dedication to crafting a believably intimidating physique provides major value. When paired with director Prashanth Neel’s predilection for adrenaline-pumping fight choreography, the hulking star has all the tools to spur mass hysteria in cinemas.


In his unique position as an authority on commercial Indian cinema, Sumit Kadel’s verdicts can validate hype or raise warning signs around major tentpole releases. Both “Dunki” and “Salaar” pass his first level of appraisal, albeit in differing ways.

“Dunki” flashes brilliance in its first half but remains a question mark until the second portion surfaces. “Salaar” travels a slower build before firing on all cylinders down the back stretch. But in the end, both Shah Rukh Khan and Prabhas seem primed to deliver money-spinning performances their fans expect.

The box office results remain to be seen. Yet thanks to Sumit Kadel’s initial positive indicators, excitement for both movies just became harder to contain. Get your popcorn ready!

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