Furiosa A Mad Max Saga Release Date, Plot And More [Cinemas] – May 24

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga – Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More

The post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max is set to continue with the upcoming film “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga”. Serving as both a spin-off and a prequel to 2015’s “Mad Max: Fury Road”, this gritty action-adventure will delve into the backstory of one of the franchise’s most popular characters, Imperator Furiosa. With fan anticipation building ahead of its May 24, 2024 theatrical release, here’s everything we know so far about the plot, cast, release date, and other key details surrounding this highly-anticipated blockbuster.

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When Oscar-winning writer/director George Miller brought Max Rockatansky back to the big screen in 2015’s critically-acclaimed “Fury Road”, viewers were introduced to the fierce one-armed rebel Imperator Furiosa. Played by Charlize Theron, Furiosa instantly became a fan favorite as she helped free a group of women from the clutches of the tyrannical Immortan Joe. Now, Miller is set to explore her origins in depth with a solo prequel that promises plenty of the high-octane action and visual flair that defined its predecessor.

Release Date and Where to Watch

“Furiosa” is scheduled for worldwide theatrical release on May 24, 2024. Much like the previous four Mad Max installments, it will enjoy an exclusive run in cinemas upon debut. Eventually it’s expected to become available on the Max streaming platform, but no exact streaming date has been set yet.

Production Details

Miller co-wrote the script with his longtime collaborator Nico Lathouris. Production wrapped in late 2022 after an extensive shoot across New South Wales, Australia utilizing practical effects and real desert locations. With Miller back in the director’s chair, continuity with his Mad Max universe should prove seamless.

Plot Summary

Furiosa is set approximately 15 years before the events of Fury Road in a post-society wasteland ravaged by nuclear war where gas and water are scarce commodities. As described in the official synopsis:

As the world fell, the young Furiosa is snatched from the Green Place of Many Mothers and falls into the hands of a great Biker Horde led by the fearsome Warlord Dementus. Sweeping up the land in search of a mythical righteous kingdom, they come across a Citadel presided over by the Immortan Joe. In a world driven mad, can Furiosa outrun her past?

The story will showcase her kidnapping as a child, time held captive, and eventual search for redemption. Expect ample action sequences and chaotic vehicular mayhem as she fights for survival and freedom.

Main Cast and Characters

Furiosa will be played by Anya Taylor-Joy, the 26-year old star of modern psychological thrillers like The Queen’s Gambit and Split. This recasting is necessary given the character’s younger age, with Taylor-Joy’s slender build and haunted intensity fitting the role perfectly.

Other key cast members include:

Chris HemsworthWarlord Dementus, fearsome leader of the Biker Horde
Tom BurkeUnnamed (potentially a young Immortan Joe)
Alyla BrowneYoung Furiosa
Nathan JonesRictus Erectus, Immortan Joe’s son

Burke’s undisclosed part suggests the film could showcase Joe’s origins alongside Furiosa’s. Hemsworth as the lead villain signals an antagonist that can match Theron’s presence in Fury Road.

Expectations from Long-Time Fans

As a devoted cult favorite, the Mad Max franchise comes with extremely high expectations amongst genre fans. Some skepticism exists regarding Taylor-Joy’s ability to fill Theron’s boots or the need to retcon an already mysterious backstory.

However, based on Miller’s sterling track record, most devotees remain eagerly optimistic. The director is heavily involved in all aspects of production as usual, promising the same uncompromising vision and practical effects that made his previous efforts so great. If any filmmaker can revisit such an iconic character successfully, it’s the creator of this post-apocalyptic universe himself.


With Emmy-winner Anya Taylor Joy stepping into Theron’s formidable shoes as the titular road warrior, “Furiosa” has the pedigree to become another exhilarating edition of Miller’s acclaimed saga. The combination of a powerhouse lead, A-list co-stars, trustworthy crew, and a premise rife with narrative potential gives signs this spin-off could live up to the lofty bar set by Max’s greatest chapter yet in “Fury Road”. We’ll find out when Furiosa revs her engines into theaters this May.

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