Guntur Kaaram Budget And Collection

Guntur Kaaram: Budget, Box Office Collections and Success


Guntur Kaaram Budget And Collection, Guntur Kaaram is one of the most anticipated Telugu films releasing this Pongal season. Directed by ace filmmaker Trivikram Srinivas and featuring superstar Mahesh Babu in the lead role, the movie has created quite a buzz since its announcement. As the release date nears, there is a lot of curiosity around the film’s budget, recovery potential and box office success. Let’s take a closer look.

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Guntur Kaaram – Making and Promotion Budget

The production budget for Guntur Kaaram is estimated to be around ₹200 crores, making it one of the most expensive Telugu films ever made. This massive budget has been utilized to ensure top-notch technical standards including extravagant sets, exotic foreign locations and visually stunning action sequences.

Additionally, the makers are expected to spend about ₹20-25 crores on promotion and advertising across media platforms in the run-up to the film’s release. This includes costs for teasers, trailers, posters, print and TV campaigns as well as venue rentals and event management for pre-release events.

In total, the makers would have invested nearly ₹225 crores on the production and promotion of Guntur Kaaram.

Advance Box Office Collections

Guntur Kaaram has witnessed phenomenal advances with estimated collections of ₹24.90 crores already in the bag. This is among the highest advances for a Telugu film proving the tremendous pre-release hype and Mahesh Babu’s formidable stardom.

The advances show that the distributors have great confidence in the film’s box office potential. Since the money is already recovered before release, the film is likely to become a profitable venture for all stakeholders.

Expected Lifetime Collections

Trade analysts predict Guntur Kaaram is likely to collect anywhere between ₹165-185 crores in its lifetime run from all languages. Given the film’s budget and hype, this would be classified as a blockbuster.

In fact, if the movie’s content resonates well with audiences and word-of-mouth is positive, then collections could cross ₹200 crores. This would mark Guntur Kaaram as one of the highest grossing Telugu films surpassing several box office records.

Opening Day Projections

Guntur Kaaram is expected to score heavily on its opening day across all regions. This Pongal weekend will test the drawing power of maverick director Trivikram and the unmatched stardom of Mahesh Babu.

Opening Day Projections for Guntur Kaaram

TerritoryGross PredictionsShare to Producers
Nizam18-19 Cr14-15 Cr
Ceded7-8 Cr6-6.5 Cr
UA5-6 Cr4-4.5 Cr
Guntur4.5-5 Cr3.5-4 Cr
Krishna3-3.5 Cr2.5-3 Cr
Nellore1.8-2 Cr1.5-1.6 Cr
AP/TS40-45 Cr32-36 Cr
Karnataka4-4.5 Cr3-3.5 Cr
Tamil Nadu1.2-1.5 Cr1-1.2 Cr
Kerala0.8-1 Cr0.6-0.8 Cr
Rest of India2-3 Cr1.6-2.4 Cr
Overseas6-8 Cr5-6.5 Cr
Worldwide Total55-65 Cr44-52 Cr

(Table: Predictions for Guntur Kaaram’s opening day box office collections across all territories)

The above projections indicate that Guntur Kaaram could collect anywhere between ₹55-65 crores gross worldwide on day one. In terms of theatrical share for producers, openings could vary between ₹44-52 crores.

The Nizam area is expected to contribute the biggest share followed by other regions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Overseas too, the movie is likely to open big thanks to Mahesh Babu’s popularity in foreign markets.


With a record-setting budget, spectacular visuals and the combination of Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas, Guntur Kaaram seems to have all the ingredients for success.

If the actual content resonates with the masses, the film could emerge as an all-time blockbuster breaking several box office records upon release. Distributors are also confident about the film’s prospects owing to the tremendous advances so far.

Nevertheless, the first few days of run would be crucial in giving a fair assessment of the movie’s box office stamina in the long run. The actual numbers could vary depending on audience reactions across key territories after release. But trade pundits feel Guntur Kaaram is likely to dominate this Pongal season if it clicks with patrons.

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