Guntur Kaaram Telugu Movie Review

Guntur Kaaram Movie Review: Mahesh Babu Delivers a Powerful Performance But Ultimate Impact is Diluted

Guntur Kaaram, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Trivikram Srinivas, is one of the most eagerly anticipated Telugu movies of 2024 starring superstar Mahesh Babu. Released on January 12, 2024, the movie narrates the story of Rowdy Ramana (Mahesh Babu) who goes on a personal journey to uncover secrets about his past. While Mahesh Babu delivers an intense performance that holds the film together, Guntur Kaaram is bogged down by a wafer-thin storyline and sluggish pacing.

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The expectations were sky-high for the Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas combo, especially after the success of their previous blockbuster, Athadu, 15 years ago. While the film has opened to mixed responses, it continues Mahesh Babu’s streak of experimenting with diverse roles that showcase his acting calibre. However, despite moments of brilliance, Guntur Kaaram struggles to leave a lasting impact.

Mahesh Babu Adds Fire to His Character

The movie belongs to Mahesh Babu who has put his heart and soul into playing the rough and tough Rowdy Ramana. With his rawness, angst and powerful screen presence, Mahesh Babu adds fire to his character that truly stands out in the film.

His swag, comedy timing and intense emotional scenes make Rowdy Ramana memorable even though the character is not well fleshed out in the script. Mahesh fans will surely enjoy his energetic performance which is the backbone of this flawed film.

Story and Screenplay Lack Focus

While Trivikram Srinivas has come up with an interesting premise exploring the human psyche and complex family emotions, the screenplay lacks focus and engaging narration. The film delves into Rowdy Ramana’s unexpected journey where he tries to learn more about his mysterious past and understand his long-lost mother’s troubling actions.

However, the treatment is not cohesive enough to keep viewers hooked or elicit a strong emotional response. Too many unnecessary scenes and characters further dilute the impact. The storyline struggles to interweave the different sub-plots in a smooth manner.

Overdose of Comedy and Action

In an attempt to play to the frontbenchers, Guntur Kaaram goes overboard with comedy and action lacking situational relevance. While some scenes like Mahesh’s funny face-off with Vennela Kishore evoke laughter, many comic sequences look forcibly inserted hampering the film’s flow.

Though Mahesh Babu looks convinving in the well-choreographed action scenes, the excessive focus on hero-elevating fights undermines the emotions in the second half. The stunt sequences shot in exotic foreign locales fail to move the story forward.

Supporting Cast Underutilised

Guntur Kaaram boasts of a powerful cast comprising veterans like Ramya Krishnan and Jagapathi Babu along with acclaimed actors Rao Ramesh and Rajendra Prasad. Unfortunately, the script doesn’t give any of them enough meaty scenes to showcase their talent.

Sreeleela looks gorgeous but has limited screen time to make an impact. Even young actress Meenakshi Choudhary is wasted in an insignificant role that had potential. The film misses the trick of building an engaging story around the talented star cast.

Music and Technical Aspects

DSP’s music is passable with the ‘Guntur Kaaram’ title track and Mahesh’s introduction scene bgm turning out to be the picks of the album. But overall, the music fails to reach the high standards of DSP-Trivikram’s earlier collaborations like Jalsa and Attarintiki Daredi.

Cinematographer PS Vinod captures Mahesh Babu stylishly but beyond that there’s nothing spectacular on the technical front. The production design looks grand and glossy in parts but doesn’t cover up the flawed writing. Editor Chota K Prasad struggles to crispen up the dragging screenplay.

Conclusion: Watch it for Mahesh’s Fiery Act

On the whole, Guntur Kaaram makes for a disappointing watch given the exceptional talent involved. A more riveting storyline with meaningful characterisations would have done justice to the film’s premise and powerful starcast. As it stands now, the movie works only in parts thanks to Mahesh Babu’s show-stealing performance.

Die-hard fans of the superstar might enjoy Guntur Kaaram for his high-voltage act. But the film needed a much tighter plot and captivating narration to leave a lasting impression. Trivikram Srinivas had envisioned an emotionally stirring tale but it gets lost in translation on screen with too many speed breakers, lacking soul.

In the end, Guntur Kaaram lives and dies by Mahesh Babu who pours his soul into playing Rowdy Ramana with incredible conviction. Watch it for his performance that packs a punch amidst a largely inconsistent film.

Table: Strengths and Weaknesses of Guntur Kaaram

Mahesh Babu’s powerful performanceWeak, meandering storyline
Actor’s intense emoting and actionLack of focus in screenplay
Chemistry between lead actorsUnderutilization of talented supporting cast
Lavish production qualityExcessive comedy and action dilute impact
Title track and Mahesh’s intro bgmMusic is just about okay

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