King Kong Is Coming In Monarch Season 2?

King Kong Set to Return in Monarch Season 2?


Monarch Season 2, The MonsterVerse franchise continues to expand with the recent debut of the live-action series “Monarch” on Apple TV+. Focusing on the shadowy organization monitoring titanic beasts, the show explores the mythology behind famous kaiju like Godzilla and King Kong. The first season followed the Randa family as they investigated Monarch and uncovered secrets tied to their past. The finale teased the origins of Mechagodzilla and set the stage for more monster mayhem in a potential second season.

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Now fans are speculating whether the mighty King Kong could return in Monarch season 2. Kong already had a brief but impactful cameo in the first season, and the show’s creative team has hinted at further exploring his story. As Monarch delves deeper into the myths and legends around Skull Island, Kong seems destined to play a major role.

Recapping Kong’s Story So Far

To understand Kong’s importance to the MonsterVerse, it helps to recap his journey through the franchise’s films. Kong first appeared in 2017’s Kong: Skull Island, which served as an origin story for the giant ape. Set in the 1970s, the movie followed a Monarch expedition to the mysterious Skull Island, where Kong reigned as king. After battling monstrous creatures and menacing helicopters, Kong gained an ally in photojournalist Mason Weaver. Their connection kept Kong from being captured for nefarious purposes.

Monarch Season 2
Monarch Season 2

Kong lay dormant on Skull Island until 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong, which kicked off the titanic showdown. As Godzilla attacked human cities, Kong was transported off Skull Island to lead him away. Their epic Hong Kong battle ended in a stalemate, and Kong found a new home in the Hollow Earth beneath Antarctica.

Godzilla vs. Kong showed Kong has a special bond with Jia, an orphaned girl he protected. This demonstrated Kong’s more benevolent side despite his fierce exterior. The movie also revealed Kong’s ancestral links to the Hollow Earth kingdom, hinting there are more giant apes out there.

Where the Monarch Finale Leaves Kong

The Monarch finale directly tied into Kong’s last cinematic appearance. It showed the massive storm that ravaged Skull Island in 2024, mirroring the end credits scene from Godzilla vs. Kong. This tempest left Kong’s home uninhabitable, likely prompting Monarch to retrieve Kong as teased in the film.

Monarch’s first season took place across multiple timelines, jumping between 2014, 1959, and 2017. Showrunner Chris Black said they wanted to explore Kong’s activities on Skull Island between the events of Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla vs. Kong. His brief but impactful cameo appearance in Monarch’s finale opens the door for more Kong in season 2.

Kong’s Connection to Monarch Lore

Expanding Kong’s role makes sense given his intrinsic ties to Monarch and Skull Island. He is a crucial part of the organization’s mission to research massive unidentified terrestrial organisms (MUTOs). Kong also has a mythic standing among Pacific Islanders, with tales of his godlike stature passed down for generations.

Widen the lens even further, and Kong represents a bridge between mankind and these threatening yet wondrous giants. As an anthropomorphic beast, he exhibits human traits and instincts that balance his monstrous size and strength. This helps forge an emotional connection grounded in the heart of the MonsterVerse franchise.

Monarch Season 2
Monarch Season 2

There are still gaps in Kong’s history that offer storytelling potential. Season 1 explored Monarch’s initial expeditions to Skull Island in the 1950s and 60s, but Kong himself remained elusive. Seeing the organization’s first face-to-face encounters with the 8th Wonder of the World would satisfy diehard fans. And within the show’s narrative, Kong could factor into the Randa family unearthing their origins.

How Might Kong Factor into Season 2?

A substantial role for Kong seems likely as Monarch delves further into Skull Island secrets. Showrunner Chris Black said season 2 aims to cover APEX’s mission on Skull Island in 2017, right before the events of Kong: Skull Island. Black also confirmed season 2 will deal with the catastrophic storm that forces Kong to leave his home.

Kong could easily bookend the season, with early episodes showcasing his rule over Skull Island. We would see Kong interacting with other creatures and the island natives that worship him. Other storylines might find the Rand family searching for Kong to unlock ancestral connections. This would clarify why Monarch took such interest in Kong compared to other titans.

The climax could showcase the hurricane that ravages Skull Island, mirroring Kong’s end credits scene in Godzilla vs. Kong. This would illustrate the tragedy of Kong losing his tropical empire and make his relocation more impactful. A post-credits tag would then tease the beginnings of Godzilla vs. Kong as Monarch retrieves Kong.

Monarch Season 2
Monarch Season 2

Closing Thoughts on Kong’s Return

King Kong remains one of the most legendary figures in monster movie history. His return in Monarch would tap into an 85+ year cinematic legacy while expanding his role in the MonsterVerse. It would provide crowd-pleasing moments for old-school fans and introduce new viewers to his epic tale.

The Monarch creative team clearly understands and appreciates the Kong mythos. Bringing his story full circle through the show is a logical next step in the MonsterVerse saga. And if season 2 lays the groundwork for Kong, he seems destined to battle Godzilla across many sequels. Their rivalry sits at the heart of this cinematic universe, making Kong’s appearance a key building block.

While nothing is confirmed yet, all signs point to the King of Skull Island rampaging through Monarch season 2. His origins are integral to the franchise lore, and there are plenty of untold chapters left to explore. If Kong does return, it will add gravitas and star power to Monarch while setting up future MonsterVerse installments. So sound the drums, light the signal fires, and prepare to bow down to the one true king.

Table summarizing King Kong’s appearances in the MonsterVerse franchise:

Kong: Skull Island2017Origin story of Kong on Skull Island in 1970s
Godzilla vs. Kong2021Kong battles Godzilla then retreats to Hollow Earth
Monarch Season 12022Brief cameo appearance on Skull Island
Monarch Season 2TBDPotential to explore Kong’s backstory on Skull Island

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