School Spirits Season 2 Release Date Confirmed, Plot, Cast, and More

School Spirits Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Or Cancelled?

School Spirits took paranormal fans by storm when it debuted on Paramount+ in 2022. The supernatural teen drama followed Maddie, a high school student who dies and becomes a spirit guide, helping other dead students transition into the afterlife. With strong characters, an intriguing premise, and mysteries that kept viewers hooked, it’s no wonder the series was an instant hit.

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School Spirits Season 2 Renewal and Release Date

In June 2023, Paramount+ delighted fans by announcing the renewal of School Spirits for a second season. This ensures viewers will get more of the ghostly adventures they loved from the first season of the show.

Season Release Date
Season 1 October 7, 2022
Season 2 Expected late Summer/Early Fall 2024

However, an official release date for School Spirits season 2 has not been set yet. Based on production schedules, it is expected the second season will launch in late summer or early fall 2024.

There is no confirmation yet if season 2 will be available on Netflix. But given Netflix’s track record of licensing popular shows, it is very possible School Spirits could make its way to Netflix a few months after airing on Paramount+.

A trailer for the second season has also not been released yet. But with the season still in production, a trailer unveiling the next chapter of Maddie’s story should be coming in the next few months leading up to the season 2 premiere.

Intriguing Storyline Hints for Season 2

The first season finale left the door open for more ghostly mysteries in season 2. It ended on a cliffhanger with Maddie’s spirit guide mentor Rhonda disappearing through a portal, leaving the teenage ghost to fend for herself.

Showrunner Dan Cross revealed that season 2 will see Maddie attempt to reclaim her physical body, which has become possessed by the troubled spirit Janet. This sets up a tense showdown between the two characters across different planes of existence. Janet taking over Maddie’s body heightens the stakes and intrigue for the next season.

Cross also hinted that season 2 will unveil more of Janet’s backstory. Viewers will gain insight into her past and experiences that shaped her enigmatic character. Exploring what led Janet to become an angry spirit promises to add depth to the series.

With Janet poised as a potential main antagonist and Maddie on a quest to reclaim her physical form, the plot of School Spirits season 2 looks to depart from the first season’s focus on paranormal crime solving. The character dynamics are ramping up for a suspenseful storyline centered on the battle for Maddie’s body and existence.

Main Cast Members Returning for Season 2

The paranormal drama’s strong ensemble cast is set to return for another round of ghostly mysteries and supernatural happenings in season 2.

Peyton List will reprise her role as the lead character, Maddie. Her portrayal of a high school student adjusting to a post-life existence as a spirit guide garnered praise in season 1. As the main protagonist facing off against Janet, List will get the chance to showcase even more of her acting talent in season 2.

Kristian Flores is also confirmed to return as Simon, the head of the spirit council overseeing the recently deceased students. His character dishes out cases and guidance to Maddie, playing an instrumental mentor role.

Maddie’s two best ghost friends, Kiara Pichardo as conspiracy theorist Nicole and Maria Dizzia as old soul Sandra, will likewise feature again in season 2. Their camaraderie and humorous banter with Maddie were fan-favorites.

Other main cast members reprising their roles include:

  • Milo Manheim as Maddie’s crush Wally
  • Spencer MacPherson as mysterious outsider ghost Xavier
  • Sarah Yarkin as Maddie’s rival turned ally Rhonda
  • Josh Zuckerman as teacher Everett Martin
  • Nick Pugliese as jock ghost Charley
  • Rainbow Wedell as mean girl Claire

Rhonda’s whereabouts through the portal and Xavier’s possible connection to Janet make their return especially exciting. And of course, viewers will be eager to see the fallout of drama teacher Mr. Martin’s blossoming romance with Maddie’s mom.

With its core cast back along with some new spirit characters slated to appear, the second season of School Spirits has an abundance of talent to continue developing the relationships fans adore.

What to Expect for Reviews of Season 2

As season 2 is still in production and has not yet been screened for critics, official reviews are not available yet. However, given the critical acclaim for the first season, expectations are high for the next chapter of Paramount’s hit ghostly YA series.

The inaugural season sits at an impressive 83% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Reviews praised the show’s snappy writing, creepy yet fun tone, and strong performances of its teenage cast. With the storyline getting amped up through Janet taking over Maddie’s body, critics will likely find themselves even more enthralled by season 2.

Of course, fans on social media are already buzzing with anticipation for the new episodes based on the thrilling cliffhanger ending of season 1. They will be keeping their eyes peeled for reviews of season 2 when advance screeners are sent to critics closer to its fall 2024 release. But for now, paranormal lovers are simply overjoyed this ghostly world is materializing once again.


The confirmation of School Spirits season 2 has paranormal fans rejoicing. Though an exact release date is still under wraps, viewers can expect the continuing ghostly adventures in late summer or early fall 2024. With Janet possessing Maddie’s body in the season 1 finale, the story is set for an intense showdown between the lead character and her new spirit nemesis.

Peyton List and the rest of the talented young cast are all confirmed to reappear as production is underway on the next chapter. Season 2 looks primed to deliver even more of the addictive combination of drama, mystery, and fun that made the first season soar. Reviews are not yet available, but if they match the critical acclaim of the first season, School Spirits aims to become paranormal appointment viewing once again upon its return.

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