The Diplomat Season 2 Release Date: When Is The New Season Coming Out?

Diplomat Season 2 Release Date


The Diplomat, Netflix’s geopolitical drama series starring Keri Russell, left fans eager for more after its cliffhanger ending in Season 1. The show, which follows Russell’s character Kate Wyler, the newly confirmed U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom, has been a hit among critics and viewers alike. After being officially renewed in May 2023, anticipation is building for The Diplomat Season 2.

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Though an exact release date has not yet been announced, multiple production and industry factors point to a likely late 2024 premiere for the show’s second season. Here’s a look at everything we know so far about The Diplomat Season 2 and when fans can expect new episodes to drop on Netflix.

Season 2 Production Timeline

While renewed shortly after Season 1’s March 2023 debut, production on The Diplomat Season 2 has faced delays due to the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike. This strike by the film and TV industry’s largest union halted work on many shows over the summer of 2023. Sources estimate this has pushed back the potential Season 2 release of The Diplomat to late 2024 rather than late 2023.

The Diplomat creator Debora Cahn and producers have not given exact production or release details. However, Season 1 was greenlit in January 2022 and came out 15 months later in March 2023. A similar timeline would project The Diplomat Season 2 release for summer or fall 2024. But the SAG-AFTRA strike makes late 2024 seem a more realistic premiere target.

What to Expect in Season 2

While anticipating the Season 2 release date, fans have also been speculating about potential storylines. Season 1 ended on major cliffhangers regarding Ambassador Kate Wyler’s professional and personal relationships.

Having confronted prime minister Trowbridge over a political cover-up, negotiated the extradition of a murder suspect, and helped expose an MI6 political assassination, Wyler seems poised to take on more international intrigues when The Diplomat returns.

On the homefront, Wyler’s marriage with ex-ambassador husband Hal Wyler (Rufus Sewell) remains on shaky ground after Season 1’s dramatic finale. Fans are eager to see how this complicated romance continues unfolding against the backdrop of Wyler’s demanding diplomatic career.

Though Netflix and the creators have shared no definitive Season 2 plot details, viewers can likely expect more geopolitical crises, family dynamics, interpersonal drama, and high-stakes diplomacy when the show eventually returns.

Season 1 Reviews and Reception

Until Season 2 arrives, fans have the first installment’s eight episodes available for rewatching and dissection. The Diplomat’s initial season seems to have captivated both critics and everyday viewers.

The show holds a 75% critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 12 reviews. Critics praised creator Cahn’s sharp, nuanced writing as well as Russell’s lead performance. Many compared Russell’s witty, spirited diplomat Kate Wyler to a sort of frazzled female James Bond.

Beyond critics, Season 1 also found success with general Netflix subscribers. The show appeared on the streaming giant’s weekly Top 10 lists during its March 2023 launch. Many fans took to social media calling The Diplomat an underrated gem and clamoring for Season 2.

When Will Season 2 Premiere?

While no announcements have come yet, educated estimates peg The Diplomat Season 2 release for late 2024 based on typical Netflix timelines. This would place the drama returning around two years after Season 1’s March 2023 debut.

Delays from the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike make late 2024 seem a reasonable projection. Of course, any updates Netflix or the show’s creative team provide will give fans more clarity.

Until then, Russell’s turn as tenacious top diplomat Kate Wyler and the show’s dramatic cliffhangers should tide anticipation for the second season premiering likely by the end of 2024. When exactly late 2024 remains uncertain. But for this gripping, globally-minded drama, the return promises to be worth the wait whenever it drops.

Table: Projected Timeline for The Diplomat Season 2

EventEstimated Date
Season 1 premiere dateMarch 17, 2023
Season 2 renewal announcementMay 2023
Originally projected Season 2 release window (15 months after S1)Summer 2024
SAG-AFTRA strike halts productionSummer 2023
New projected release for The Diplomat Season 2Late 2024


With its behind-the-scenes look at international diplomacy, workplace politics, and global crises, The Diplomat has fast become a fan-favorite Netflix series. Lead actor Keri Russell and creator Debora Cahn have brought to life a sharp, compelling take on contemporary affairs with plenty of interpersonal drama mixed in.

Season 1’s cliffhanger ending in March 2023 left viewers hungry for more. Though production delays have postponed The Diplomat’s return, a late 2024 Season 2 premiere seems likely based on projections.

As they await official Netflix announcements in the coming year, fans have ample time to catch up on Season 1’s critical and viewer hit initial episodes. When it finally drops, the second season is sure to pick right back up on all the tantalizing story threads left unwinding to deliver another binge-worthy round of high-stakes diplomatic showdowns and scandals.

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