The Garfield Movie Release Date, Cast And More [Cinemas] – May 24

The Garfield Movie: Release Date, Cast, Plot and All You Need to Know

The Garfield Movie Release Date, The iconic fat cat Garfield is leaping onto the big screen once again in an all-new animated adventure film set to release in theaters this May. After years of fan anticipation, “The Garfield Movie” finally has a firm release date along with exciting details about the cast, director, and plot that signal this could be Garfield’s biggest and most hilarious outing yet.

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Ever since the grumpy, lasagna-loving cat first appeared in Jim Davis’ classic comic strip in 1978, Garfield’s misadventures with his hapless owner Jon and trusty sidekick Odie have captured the hearts and funny bones of millions of fans around the world. His first foray onto film in 2004’s live-action “Garfield” was a modest success, as was its 2006 sequel.

But this latest animated incarnation assembles an all-star creative team and stellar voice cast aiming to capture the magic of the original comics like never before. So whether you’re a devoted Garfield follower eagerly counting down the days until the premiere, or simply curious what the fuss over this fat cat is all about, read on to get the lowdown on Garfield’s next box office escapade bowing into theaters this spring.

Release Date

“The Garfield Movie” is scheduled to be released in United States theaters on May 24, 2024. The film does not yet have an announced release date for other international markets.

Given the universal popularity of Jim Davis’ tubby tabby, fans globally should hopefully not have to wait too long after the initial domestic premiere to laugh along with Garfield’s newest zany adventure.


At the helm guiding Garfield’s leap from page to screen is veteran animation director Mark Dindal. Dindal is best known for directing 1997’s “Cats Don’t Dance,” 2000’s “The Emperor’s New Groove,” and animated shorts for Disney classics such as “Aladdin” and “The Little Mermaid.”

With decades of experience bringing animated characters to vivid life, skill directing live-action voice actors, and a proven knack for irreverent all-ages humor, Dindal seems perfectly suited to capture the manic magic that has made readers laugh at Garfield comics strips for over 40 years.

Voice Cast

Leading Garfield’s voice cast is actor Chris Pratt as the voice of Garfield. The affable blockbuster movie star is a fitting choice to voice the similarly easygoing and charming fat cat.

Appearing as Garfield’s best friend Odie is stand-up comedian and actor Hannah Waddingham, best known as the Emmy-winning star of “Ted Lasso.”

Garfield’s hapless owner Jon Arbuckle will be voiced by British actor and comedian Nicholas Hoult, known for starring roles massive film franchises such as “X-Men” and “Mad Max.”

Additional voice actors lending their skills to supporting live action and animal roles include Samuel L. Jackson, Ving Rhames, Cecily Strong, Harvey Guillén, Brett Goldstein and Bowen Yang.

With Pratt’s casual charisma as Garfield balanced by Waddingham’s upbeat energy as Odie and Hoult’s patented awkward charm as Jon, the lead voice trio demonstrate crackling chemistry sure to make their animated antics pop off the screen. And the colorful support around them should help craft a kooky comic universe true to Jim Davis’ iconic strips.

Plot Summary

Details on the plot for this latest cinematic Garfield adventure are still vague, but early reports divulge a few tidbits hinting at possible story directions.

The movie is described broadly as an animated adventure revolving around Garfield, his owner Jon, and loyal sidekick Odie the dog. But the plot also involves some sort of surprising family reunion for Garfield with his long-lost father.

Apparently this surprise family connection leads Garfield to embark on some sort epic heist caper, though specifics are still under wraps. What that mysterious criminal plot may involve and how the core trio get mixed up in it remains to be seen.

Given Garfield’s famously lazy, gluttonous slacker lifestyle, it seems reasonable to expect his reluctant roping into an ambitious heist scheme will lead to plenty of hilarious hijinks. We can likely expect rapidfire banter and comedic tension between the willful fat cat and anxious owner Jon as the human tries fruitlessly to control his unruly feline.

And silly, energetic Odie looks to play the perfect comic foil confusing, annoying and endearing Garfield at every turn with his boundless canine enthusiasm.

If the charismatic core trio and supporting voice cast all pop as expected, the as-yet mysterious criminal plot could prove plenty sufficient to glue the antics together into an uproarious animated package that provides a fitting big screen return for this beloved fat cat.

The Garfield Movie Release Date
The Garfield Movie Release Date

Why Fans Should be Excited

All-Star Creative Pedigree

Beyond established director Mark Dindal helming this feline-friendly affair, “The Garfield Movie” boasts heavyweight producers John Cohen (“The Angry Birds Movie”) and Jun Oh (multiple “Ice Age” sequels) assuring slick CGI animation and smart slapstick set-pieces suited ideally to kids and families.

And supervising the series leap from newspapers to theaters is Jim Davis himself along with Craig Campbell, former Senior Vice President of Content at brand management company Paws, Inc which has managed Garfield licensing and merchandising since 1981.

With Davis guiding the retention of everything fans love from his iconic creation, while a stellar support team craft a lavish animated world worthy of the beloved feline, “The Garfield Movie” has the right creative force behind it.

A Promising New Interpretation

The 2004 “Garfield” live-action film starring Bill Murray performed solidly at the box office, but received a mixed reception from critics and fans. Common complaints about the initial adaptation involved the creepy CGI used to graft live-action Garfield into an otherwise flesh-and-blood world which clashed uncomfortably at times.

Others felt the film focused too much on amplifying the sarcastic, cynical aspects of Garfield’s personality at the expense of the softer, sweeter elements familiar from the strips.

With Mark Dindal and Jim Davis steering this animated interpretation instead, early signs point to a bouncy cartoon world more seamlessly suited to bring Davis’ iconic strips to life. And a potentially more rounded depiction of the fat cat also seems likely leveraging Chris Pratt’s smart-aleck yet undeniably adorable charm.

Rather than just a lazy retread of previous adaptations, “The Garfield Movie” looks poised to honor the franchise’s long legacy while still feeling fresh and inventive for long-term Garfield devotees and newcomers alike.


From an acclaimed animation director to a riotous voice cast, details on the upcoming “Garfield Movie” make May 24, 2024 the most exciting date on the calendar for fans of Jim Davis’ iconic fat cat. With Chris Pratt’s laconic wit as the titular feline, a stellar surrounding voice ensemble, and guidance from Davis himself, this animated adventure looks tailor-made to deliver irreverent all-ages escapades ideal for devoted Garfield followers hungry for more exploits from their beloved tabby.

And the mysterious heist plot looks set to thrust the cynical cat wildly outside his comfort zone for maximum comedy. After years of re-runs and direct-to-DVD films with diminishing returns, “The Garfield Movie” finally looks ready to lead the classic comic strip franchise into a new golden era. So be sure when May 24 finally rolls around, you don’t sleep through your chance to catch fat cat’s triumphant return on the big screen. Because like his treasured lasagna, this hilarious helping of Garfield escapism looks piping hot and destined to satisfy.

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