The Witch: Theophanos’ big conflict with Marko

The Big Reveal: Theophanos’ Conflict with Marko in “The Witch”


The Greek TV series “I magissa” (translated as “The Witch” in English), which aired in 2023-2024, revolves around the character of Theophanos, a kindhearted witch hiding her true magical identity. Over the course of the first season, Theophanos develops close relationships with several characters, including the mortal men Marko and Michael. However, her secret threatens to destroy those bonds when she is forced to confess the truth. This revelation leads to a major conflict between Theophanos and Marko which drives much of the plot going forward.

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Background on Theophanos and Marko

Theophanos is a centuries-old witch living undercover in the mortal world. Though she possesses great power, she uses it sparingly and discreetly, not wanting to draw unwanted attention. As part of her cover, she runs a new age shop, selling crystals, herbs, and offering psychic readings.

The Witch
The Witch

Marko is a businessman who frequents Theophanos’ shop. He is drawn to her kindness and wisdom, and over time, a romance blooms between them. Marko has no idea that Theophanos is actually a powerful magical being hiding her true nature.

Theophanos wants to share her secret with Marko but finds herself afraid of how he might react. She has seen mortals persecute witches in the past. However, she also knows that without honesty, there is no foundation for a real relationship.

The Big Reveal

In episode 7 of season 1, Theophanos finally works up the courage to reveal her magical identity to Marko. Another witch named Metaxia forces Theophanos’ hand by threatening to expose her if Theophanos does not confess herself. Backed into a corner and fearing Metaxia will harm Marko if she does not comply, Theophanos admits to Marko and their mutual friend Michael that she is a witch.

Understandably, both men react with shock and dismay. Theophanos begs them to try to understand – her magical abilities do not change the person they have come to care for. But the deception cuts Marko deeply. He cannot comprehend why Theophanos did not trust him enough to tell him the truth sooner. He feels betrayed and misled.

| Character | Role | |–|–|–| | Theophanos | Centuries old witch posing as a fortune teller in New York City. | | Marko | Businessman and Theophanos’s romantic interest. He does not know she is a witch. | | Michael | Close friend of Theophanos and Marko who learns about Theophanos’s magic powers along with Marko | | Metaxia | Another witch who threatens to expose Theophanos if she does not reveal her true identity |

The Fallout

Marko says he needs time away from Theophanos to process everything. But Theophanos fears she is losing him for good. She tries repeatedly to reach out to Marko to apologize and explain things further. But shaken and overwhelmed, Marko refuses to speak with her.

Theophanos turns to her witch mentors for guidance. They advise her to give Marko space – revealing her centuries of magical life is undoubtedly a lot for a mortal man to comprehend. Be patient, they counsel, Marko will come around when he is ready.

But Theophanos struggles with patience and her heart aches acutely from Marko’s absence in her life. Her misery is compounded when she learns that Marko has begun seeing a mortal woman named Paula. Theophanos tries to convince herself that all she wants is Marko’s happiness. But seeing proof that Marko has moved on cuts through Theophanos like a knife.

The Witch
The Witch

Theophanos Reaches Her Breaking Point

In episode 10, Theophanos discovers that Paula is actually a mortal servant of the dark witch Anthea. Though Paula seems to genuinely care for Marko, her true purpose is to monitor him on Anthea’s behalf.

Theophanos rushes to warn Marko, but he angrily refuses to hear her. He accuses Theophanos of being unable to let him go and trying to undermine his new relationship. He warns Theophanos to stay out of his life.

Crushed and afraid for Marko’s safety, Theophanos nearly loses all restraint with her volatile magic. A storm brews,mirroring the tempest whirling inside the witch. Her mentor Andreas intervenes,advising Theophanos that she must accept Marko no longer wants her in his life. Though it grieves her soul, she must stop chasing after him. It’s the only way Theophanos herself might heal.

Theophanos Attempts to Make Amends

Though it goes against everything in her being, Theophanos respects Marko’s wishes and keeps her distance. She throws herself into her work at the magic council and mentorship of young witches. The activity helps distract her from thoughts of Marko.

Later, when Anthea launches a brazen attack that puts Marko in mortal peril, Theophanos cannot stop herself from intervening. She saves Marko’s life but avoids revealing herself. Only after the ordeal ends does Marko realize the full truth about Paula and Anthea’s schemes. He now understands why Theophanos tried to warn him.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Marko goes to see Theophanos. The long-separated lovers have an emotionally intense reunion. Marko apologizes for not hearing Theophanos out sooner. Theophanos takes blame for hiding her witch identity for so long.

Marko declares he still loves Theophanos and asks her forgiveness. Joyfully, Theophanos accepts. Though their path forward remains complicated by Theophanos’ immortality,they want to make their relationship work against all odds.


The conflict between Theophanos and Marko brings intense drama in season 1 of “The Witch.” Their romance seemed destined for a fairy tale ending. But Theophanos could only hide her magical truth for so long before the secret threatened to destroy the bond of trust between the lovers.

Marko feels deeply betrayed when he learns what Theophanos is. Their separation takes an immense emotional toll on both. When danger brings them back together, reconciliation gives the star-crossed pair new hope. But whether a mortal man and an immortal witch can build a lasting future remains uncertain. Viewers will eagerly tune into the next season to find out.

The conflict serves as an emotional high-stakes backdrop to the series’ overarching supernatural drama. It showcases great dimension and complexity in the characterization of Theophanos and Marko. Despite fantastical elements, their story realistically plays through the intimate crisis that dishonesty and lack of communication creates in relationships. Their anguish over the apparently insurmountable obstacles to being together will gut audiences. And that raw vulnerability combined with magical flair is what makes “The Witch” compelling viewing.

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