Why is Niall Horan leaving from “The Voice”? His Exit from the Show Explained

Niall Horan Exits “The Voice” Midway Through Season 24

Former One Direction member Niall Horan made his coaching debut on NBC’s hit singing competition “The Voice” for its 24th season earlier this year. However, in a surprising announcement in Episode 14, Horan revealed to his team that he would be leaving the show halfway through the season. This abrupt exit left many fans wondering why Horan decided to leave and what it means for the future of “The Voice.”

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Niall Horan’s Busy Touring Schedule Forces Early Exit

During a Zoom call with his team, Horan explained that his world tour prevented him from being able to attend the upcoming Knockout Rounds rehearsals.

“I hate to do this because you guys are so important to me,” Horan told his team. “But I won’t be able to work with you guys for the Knockouts because I’m not going to be in town.”

Horan’s upcoming tour in support of his recently released album “Heartbreak Weather” includes over 60 shows spanning from April through September across North America and Europe. With rehearsals slated to begin while Horan is on the European leg of his tour, his absence became inevitable.

“I really wanted to stay,” Horan reiterated in an interview after his announcement. “I love working with all the contestants and everyone on the show. But I’m also really excited to get back to touring and see all my fans across Europe and the world.”

Dan + Shay Step In As Fill-In Coaches

Luckily for Team Niall, country music stars Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney of the Grammy-winning duo Dan + Shay have agreed to step in as fill-in coaches.

Horan personally selected the acclaimed duo to mentor his team and stand in for him during the Knockout Rounds rehearsals. While Dan + Shay have served as Battle Advisors on “The Voice” before, this will mark their first time serving as replacement coaches.

“I couldn’t think of a better duo to help coach my talented team,” Horan said. “I think they will continue to nurture the team and give them the best chance to succeed.”

Dan + Shay’s pop-infused country style and impressive vocals seem especially well-suited to guiding Team Niall contestants during this transitional phase. Their familiarity with the show and previous Battle Rounds experience should also help them direct contestants effectively as they prepare for the Knockouts.

“We’re huge fans of Niall and were very honored when he asked us to step in,” Dan Smyers said shortly after the announcement. “We’re committed to helping his team continue to grow and shine.”


Major Events


Niall joins “The Voice” as a first-time coach for Season 24

Early 2023

Niall has to exit the show halfway through Knockouts due to touring schedule

Mid 2023

Dan + Shay replace Niall as interim coaches for Team Niall

Niall Horan Will Still Appear In Future Episodes

Luckily for Team Niall fans, Horan confirmed that even though he’ll miss the Knockout Round rehearsals, he will still appear in future episodes to support his team during their performances and weigh in during eliminations.

“Just because I won’t be there in person during rehearsals doesn’t mean I won’t still play a major role guiding my team every step of the way,” Horan emphasized.

Horan also guaranteed he will return to film the final stages of Knockouts and provide feedback on performances. So viewers can still expect to see the Irish pop star cheering on contestants from his big red chair.

While his physical absence will shift dynamics, Horan’s imprint and influence will remain ever-present on Team Niall. His innate musicality and sharp instincts cultivated from his boyband past should continue benefiting contestants through the guidance of Dan + Shay as well.

Unclear If Horan Will Return As Coach In Future Seasons

Horan’s sudden mid-season exit leaves questions regarding his future status as a coach on “The Voice.”

It remains ambiguous if his touring obligations might sideline Horan again or whether he’d consider returning to the show in future cycles. Sources close to the production state it’s too early to determine if Horan could return down the line.

“We really enjoyed working with Niall and would welcome the opportunity to have him come back,” said an inside source tied to the show. “But a lot depends on timing and schedules, so only time will tell.”

Horan also remained noncommittal when asked if he’d come back as a coach for Season 25 or beyond.

“I had an amazing experience and loved working with all the talent this season,” Horan noted. “I definitely wouldn’t rule out coming back someday.”

For now, fans will have to stay tuned to see if Niall Horan makes a return to the infamous red chair. But with or without Horan’s presence, his team remains caught up in a thrilling season with no easy paths to victory.


In an unexpected mid-season plot twist, Niall Horan needed to exit “The Voice” partway through due to longstanding tour commitments. While he’ll miss critical Knockout Round rehearsals, Horan has passed the torch to trusted country stars Dan + Shay to stand in as fill-in coaches for Team Niall.

Horan made clear his abrupt exit didn’t reflect his commitment to the show or team. He still intends on making remote appearances via video to support contestants. Viewers also shouldn’t rule out a potential comeback for Horan in a future cycle, even if his current status remains up in the air.

For now, the show must go on – just on a rollercoaster ride without Coach Niall in the flesh temporarily. But his presence and influence will still permeate implicitly through each Team Niall performance. With Dan + Shay also offering their guidance, Team Niall remains in more than capable hands stirring up excitement and emotion leading into the final stages of the competition.

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