Will there be a She-Hulk Season 2? Everything We Know So Far

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was one of the most highly anticipated Marvel shows on Disney+. The first season introduced audiences to Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) – a lawyer who gains Hulk-like powers after an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner.

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The show received generally positive reviews from critics but more mixed reactions from fans. While there are hopes for the jade giantess to smash onto screens for a second season, there has been no official renewal yet. Here is everything we know so far about a potential She-Hulk Season 2.

What is the Status of She-Hulk Season 2?

As of now, Marvel Studios and Disney+ have not yet announced plans for a second season of She-Hulk. The first season had nine episodes and concluded on October 13, 2022.

There were initial reports that the show was intended as a limited series. However, certain developments towards the season finale have left scope for further stories featuring Jennifer Walters. The door seems open for more She-Hulk, but fans await official confirmation.

Kevin Feige, the Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Studios, has hinted at the possibility in interviews. He told Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast:

“Well, there’s more story to tell it with Jennifer Walters for sure. Anything’s possible in the future.”

So while Marvel Studios is evidently not closing the book on She-Hulk yet, Season 2 does not seem to be officially greenlit. Tatiana Maslany and director Kat Coiro have also expressed willingness to return for a potential second season.

What Could Be the Plot of She-Hulk Season 2?

The first season of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law covered Jennifer Walter’s origin story into how she gained her Hulk powers from her cousin Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). Over nine episodes, it tracked her journey as a lawyer specializing in superhuman legal cases while also coming to terms with her alter ego.

The season finale, “Whose Show Is This?,” set up intriguing possibilities for the future. It broke the fourth wall multiple times, with She-Hulk confronting Marvel Studios writers about the direction of her show.

The post-credits scene showed Emil Blonsky/Abomination (Tim Roth) meeting with a mysterious figure. This hints that there might be more to explore regarding his storyline. Intelligencia, the incel internet hate group revealed as She-Hulk’s trolls, also remain at large.

Here are some potential story angles for She-Hulk Season 2:

  • More legal cases dealing with superhuman phenomena that allow Jennifer to flex her lawyer muscles while occasionally Hulking out.
  • The fallout after She-Hulk’s powers and identity are leaked online – how does she continue both her legal career and superheroics?
  • Expanding the threats posed by Intelligencia as they continue targeting She-Hulk.
  • Further exploring Emil Blonsky’s redemption arc and his connections to shadowy third parties.
  • Romantic relationships – does Josh (Trevor Salter) return or is there room for a new love interest?
  • Crossovers: Wong (Benedict Wong) and other MCU characters guest-starring or supporting She-Hulk on adventures.

Who Could Be in the Cast of She-Hulk Season 2?

If She-Hulk is renewed for Season 2, Tatiana Maslany would likely return as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk. In interviews, she has discussed her longer-term involvement.

The central cast members are also expected to return:

  • Ginger Gonzaga as Nikki Ramos – Jennifer’s best friend and paralegal colleague
  • Renée Elise Goldsberry as Mallory Book – Jennifer and Nikki’s supervising attorney

There are also hopes for guest stars from Season 1 to recur:

  • Jameela Jamil as Titania – She-Hulk’s social media nemesis who may keep antagonizing her
  • Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky/Abomination – His character seems to still have unfinished business
  • Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Smart Hulk – Jennifer’s cousin who helped her with her transformation

As for new characters, that remains open-ended. Season 2 could introduce figures from the wider Marvel universe or even Jennifer’s own supporting cast from the comics. Whoever appears, fans trust head writer Jessica Gao to incorporate them cleverly.

What Was the Audience Reception to She-Hulk?

The audience reception to She-Hulk has been somewhat mixed, according to ratings on aggregator websites. While the Rotten Tomatoes score is largely positive at 78%, the IMDb and Metacritic ratings hover in the 6-7 range out of 10.

Some fans felt the story dragged in the middle episodes before the finale’s events. Others disliked the lighter tone compared to grittier Marvel shows about tortured antiheroes.

However, a lot of fans praised Tatiana Maslany’s performance and the legal comedy elements. Many viewers related to Jennifer’s struggles work setbacks, dating disasters, and trolls. The climax suggesting Jennifer confronting creators and executives about her own show also resonated.

The middling audience ratings, paired with reports about the show’s large budget, does raise doubts if that hampers Marvel greenlighting a renewal. The option likely remains open, depending on multiple factors. With She-Hulk herself breaking walls in her show’s narrative, only time will tell if Jennifer smashes back onto Disney+ for a second season.

Conclusion: She-Hulk’s Future Remains a Mystery, For Now

Marvel Studios playing coy about definitive plans for She-Hulk allow theories and speculation among fans to run wild. There certainly seems to be space for the character to headline further stories across media.

Upcoming Marvel projects could drop more hints or even include cameos by Jennifer Walters, besides an outright second season announcement. The ending of Season 1 has opened up possibilities – whether Jennifer ultimately moves to the silver screen, partners with other superheroes, battles new threats, or simply breaks more walls remains to be seen. Whatever happens, fans eagerly await seeing Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk back in action.

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